25 May 2015

Peter Burnell (1942-1987)

I admit it. from time to time I search the internet for lost loves.

& I discoverd these old interviews with Peter:

24 May 2015

actors & age

Lois Wilson once told me that her studio insistd she never reveal her true age. "I lied abt my age so often I had to think just how old I really was" she sd.

that came to mind when I discoverd this online:

my friend Peter was actually born in 1942.

more art outside

Otto Dix

Arthur Yanoff
Ira Joel Haber

23 May 2015

in retirement

John Burroughs has just announced that Crisis Chronicles Press is retiring its first 10 titles.

I was honord that the press publishd Elyria so early in its history.

it was an important moment in my career. of course that version differs from what ended up in the Kindle version & then in Ohio Triangle. but I rather like that something of my process is on such display.

if you don't have Elyria this is yr last chance to purchase a copy. & if you don't have Ohio Triangle you have my sympathy.

21 May 2015

end of the trail

for the past 3 years one of my favorite activities has been hiking with members of the group. these hikes have been organizd by Jim Fusco.

yesterday was the last one. Jim is moving to Colorado in 2 weeks.

no one else has offerd to continue with the hikes.  probably because no one else has the combination of knowledge of places to go & the organizational skills behind pulling it off. I'll miss Jim. & I'll miss this activity.  but I wish Jim well in his new life.

20 May 2015

& then I rememberd

I'd written abt the COSMEP conference in that special issue of Intrepid.  so I found my copy. there was the picture I postd.  it's by Allen DeLoach   editor of the magazine.

also there was this:

it's poorly printd but in the upper right hand is Thompson & then next to him me & next to me Walker.

COSMEP meeting in Buffalo (1970)

just discoverd this photo online. this was the time Ginsberg bangd on my door calling my name (see my poem "I Say I Too Much").

& that's my friend George Thompson -- editor of Mt. Adams Review -- on the right. 

this is the j. Charles Walker poster for the reading George & I did at Blossom Center:

a picture & a poem

I'm working to finish the too-long-in-progress collection Territory of Men. close to the final cut of 50 poems. one which is among the final maybes is "On the Balcony of Hotel America" (1987).

& here is one more photo from the box of forgotten ones. it was taken that year in front of that hotel.

& if memory serves somewhere there is actually a shot taken on the balcony.

19 May 2015

sending Joan Blondell to Ruud Janssen

in the last post there is a reference to Icebox Beauties. when last I wrote here abt that piece I mentiond remembering one more photograph.

& it too surfaced in this last box.