17 April 2015

ceiba speciosa

Billy's silk floss tree is mentiond in my poem "Colors."

here it is the other day. those white tuffs are what's left when the parrots have rippd off the seed husks.  Billy got out his cutting gizmo & snippd the one on the right for me.  I have it here in a baggie waiting till the day I spin some art out of it.

15 April 2015

back from LA

where I celebrated a special birthday of a special friend who took this of me with the beautiful Emma:

10 April 2015

Judith Malina (1926-2015)

we were on a panel together  at the CUNY seminar "The Theater of Jean-Claude van Itallie" in 2008

I took this of her with Jean-Claude & Brad Burgess

09 April 2015

a reunion

for years I've been looking for this photo. it shows two leading ladies of the silent era meeting for the first time in more than 40 years.

that's Lois Wilson on the left with May Allison. the photo was taken on the Kent State University campus in spring of 1973.  Lois was in town to appear as Mary's mother in the University Theater production of "The Women."  she had playd Mary years before in the national tour. so I suggestd to the Kent director that he cast her as a guest star. Miss Allison had been living in nearby Cleveland for years.

the original photograph must exist in the files of the University News Service. this copy isn't so good because it's a scan taken from the back cover of The Silent Picture (no. 18). I didn't remember I had a copy but discoverd it while culling stacks of ancient periodicals.

& during that same visit here I am watching Lois sign the library's copy of the poster for "The Women" which proudly hung in the Special Collections reading room during my tenure as curator.

07 April 2015

"Goddess" (1997?)

this is the little Bernique Longley piece I mentiond in the previous post.

Bernique in the men's room

with all the interest in "Mad Men" there's also been memories of La Fonda Del Sol. this legendary restaurant opend in the Time-Life Building in 1960. it was designd by Alexander Girard with furnishings by Charles & Ray Eames. & a Google search just informd me that the men's room featured a mural by Bernique Longley (1923-1999).

Bernique was one of Santa Fe's legendary painters. & I was lucky to have known her in her final years. shortly after meeting actress Sally Kemp she invitd me to dinner   saying she had a friend I must meet. that friend was Bernique & we liked each other immediately.

since her death I regrettd that I didn't have a photograph with her. just the other day I was looking thru my albums for something else & encounterd this:

I had completely forgotten abt this long-ago party but there I am (in the rocker) & there is Bernique -- in between art historian Richard Trump & actor John Ericson.  we're not side by side but at least I have this one document.

of course I have Longleys in most rooms of my house. there's a painting I commissiond in the bedroom. one of her chickens in the kitchen. & a small goddess sculpture in the guest room.

I haven't been able to find an image of her La Fonda Del Sol mural. maybe someone somewhere will share that. until then I'll have to imagine Jon Hamm sharing space with a Longley (even if that is only film fiction).