03 July 2015

Cinco (2007-2015)

Rita calld just before half past noon. Cinco had a serious episode & she was on her way to the vet.  I ran out to the car to pet him & they were off.  just before 4 she stoppd by on her way back from the vet to let me know he was gone.


Clear Light Opera House (Cerrillos NM)

27 June 2015

the day after

it began with Ivan Cabrera -- looking as hot as usual -- giving the national weather with a knowing nod to pride weekend.

then I took the bus to town.  did farmers market. & then the reason I came. I call it Santa Fe's 5 minute parade.  except today I think it was 4.

but Jordan Brodie -- in town for "American Idol" auditions -- came from the parade to hand me his card.

& then there's me.

24 June 2015

remembering a panel of poets

yesterday I finishd reviewing the literature section of my book collection -- deciding what to keep   what to sell   what to donate.

in my copy of May Swenson's To Mix With Time I found this notation from that fabled summer at Wagner College:

on 8 July 63   poetry panel (Staten Is.)   w. Kenneth Koch (moderator), Corso, X J Kennedy, Le Roi Jones, Gerard Malanga, Robt. Kelly, Ruth Krauss, Paul Goodman.  not memorable. Kennedy summed it up to Corso: "I don't think it was worth very much."  Arnold Weinstein added his reason 4 nothing happening: "There was no booze."

Weinstein -- best rememberd as librettist to William Bolcom -- caused a bit of a scandal at the writers conference by urinating in public on campus.

strangely I left Swenson's name off the list of participants -- probably because I was writing it in her book so presumed I'd always remember that.

23 June 2015

Dick Van Patten (1928-2015)

I first knew of him via the tv series "Mama."  I still have this postcard which the network sent me when I was a boy.

& here is a picture I took of him on Hollywood Blvd in 2010.

22 June 2015

Gunther Schuller (1925-2015)

I took this picture of the composer in 2009

George "Foghorn" Winslow (1946-2015)

one of my favorite contemporary child stars when I was growing up.

years ago at a film festival in Taos I met this man who claimd to be Winslow.

the reason I say "claimd" is that writer Betty Jo Tucker told me she heard he was a fraud. if he was an impersonator he certainly had the story down & even carried copies of stills from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." believing him to be who he sd he was I thankd him for bringing a great deal of joy to me over the years.

a cameo

I appear fleetingly in this: