24 November 2014

underwear alert

this post is for my guy friends who enjoy colorful underwear.

not sure if you can tell from this photo but the elastic band in these Justus Boyz is gone. now this sometimes happens after a year or so. but this was after the first washing! I've never had this happen before.

23 November 2014

desert holiday flick

Fred Olen Ray began his prolific career by making slasher films. eventually he graduated to the sexploitation field. he must hold the record for having directd the most movies with "bikini" in the title.  so you can imagine my shock when I checkd the credits for something calld "Christmas in Palm Springs" & discoverd it was produced & directd by FOR.

so I watchd it. to be kind -- it's crap. of course I liked seeing scenes at the art museum. but this is FOR. one expects a madman to be chasing a bikini babe thru the museum with a chainsaw. or let me indulge fantasy & ask for a beguiling shot of a guy in a jockstrap walking thru the wading pool at Inn Exile. but no -- this is family formula. I had no idea FOR did this kind of thing.

20 November 2014

the past keeps returning

yesterday Judith Gollust King sent me this remarkable photo she took in april 1969 of an SDS demonstration in front of the admin building at Kent State.

that's me under the lamppost on the right (I know a tie with a shortsleeve shirt is so wrong). next to me (with the wonderful hair) is Bill Whitaker. & all the way on the left (with his camera) is David King.

this was during my tenure as staff writer with University News Service. I was hired primarily to cover the arts. but of course did hard news as well. & that certainly was a volatile time. altho I was as good covering news on the run as more deliberate features it increasingly became difficult on a personal level.  I remember covering one rally when Ted Joy came up to me & shoutd "pig" in my face.  because I was in the employ of the university.  after the shootings it became even more difficult so I talkd my way into a job at the library.

seeing a photograph from a distant time you've never seen before is always fascinating. it opens a window to that past that can be quite different than memory. & sometimes it even opens doors in that memory that have been closed for some time.

18 November 2014

everything old is new again

when I was cleaning out my parents' house I found a pair of vintage swim trunks with a Hawaiian design. I presumed they were Dad's. they were so quaint they went into the save box.

some time later I was going thru family photos & found this of Mom & I at a 1956 picnic with the Poling family:

yes. that's me in those trunks. they were mine. & my parents had saved them all these decades.

2 days ago Tim Jones took this of me wearing them at his Arizona Sunburst Inn:

17 November 2014

back from Phoenix

weekend getaway to hear "Rigoletto" with Sarah Coburn.

weather was all over the place   ranging from 40s to 80s. on the one good day I did a 9-mile walk. but the fluctuations in temps did a number on my sinuses.

10 November 2014

when words retire

I was reading a Maxwell Bodenheim poem which includes the word "flagon." of course I know what it means but I hadn't heard it since maybe watching some Robin Hood movie ages ago.

language is fluid. words come & go. literature captures some for posterity. it's been a while but there was a time when I enjoyd reclaiming words. something startling from Shakespeare can still be used with vigor.

so maybe "flagon" will reappear. poetry is always filling the cup.