25 July 2014

new neighbor

I knew Chip Livingston as a poet first.  then as a Facebook friend. but this morning we actually met.  he'll be teaching this year at IAIA.

I felt an instant rapport. partly because we know so many of the same people. partly because he's simply an amiable gentleman.

as it turns out soon he & his dog Frida will be living within walking distance of me.

24 July 2014

feeling blue

a stressful day dealing with the (hopefully) final documents in the sale of my boyhood home.

another link to my past gone.

22 July 2014

from a travel journal

in 1983 I startd Wanderbuch. just now I was looking for something else & pulld down the first volume.  so much I wrote so long ago & so much already forgotten.

here's a quick observation written at a Rochester hotel in 1984:

… how strange to be staying at this hotel at the same time as Robert Duncan & Carol Channing.

20 July 2014

James Garner (1928-2014)

I know I liked him when I was a kid because in the album of movie star photos I collectd back then is this picture:

on the back I wrote the year Warner Brothers sent it to me -- 1958.

Garner was a terrific actor. he was equally at home with comedy & drama. I think his reputation is less than it shd be because he was one of those actors who didn't show off. he workd so hard at his craft that he made it look easy. we rarely catch him acting. 

19 July 2014

Otto Piene (1928-2014)

I met him when he came to Kent to teach in the summer of 1971. later that year I put together Six Poems / Seven Prints.  he contributed a drawing. the signd edition has become quite the collectible.

18 July 2014

today's hike

the group went to Tsankawi. for me it was a special visit.  the ashes of two of my dear friends -- the artists Bernique Longley & R.B. Sprague -- were scatterd there.