26 March 2015

2 artists named Craig

it was 1984 on Morris rd in Kent. I was giving a party to celebrate the publication of P. Craig Russell's Elric of Melnibone. I took this picture of the guest of honor (on the right) with another friend of mine -- the painter Craig Lucas.

it's not the best photo of either of them. but it's important to me now because it may be the only picture I have of the 2 of them together. & both of them have been on my mind in these past few weeks.

for those who mite ask: the painting is a portrait of me by Billie Jo Clayton.  & the print is my only Picasso.

25 March 2015

blossoms real & created

Andria Derstine was visiting this morning. I had her take a picture of me with my beloved apricot tree & a lovely little Roberto Marquez watercolor from 2000.

21 March 2015

Margarete Bagshaw (1964-2015)

she was unique. the last of a dynasty of female painters.  daughter of Helen Hardin & granddaughter of Pablita Velarde.

here we are at her gallery in 2012:


2 stressful days which left me pissd at both government & big business. so when I woke to such a glorious day I decided I wantd something other than my usual cereal & banana. I walkd the several miles to Counter Culture for this:

of course they're famous for their cinnamon roll.  so I got one of those to bring home.

19 March 2015

on the verge of spring

weepy eyes &

"scrawled alephs aflame,
hint of a hatchway torched open,
a fiery blink each spring"

Steven Riel

17 March 2015

she had red hair

& was quiet. Karen Nelson. a classmate writes to me that she's dead. I'm trying to bring back memories of her from when we were little. I look at pictures of us lined up against the stone structure that was Garford School. I look at the faces. some have stories. others no longer have names. we were so little then. we grew. we partd. we lived lives the others knew nothing of. & now we're calld elders. & each year there are fewer of us to try to remember the cloakrooms where we hung our leggings   to remember the snake dances at Halloween   to remember the candy store across the street.

I knew you very well Karen Nelson. but now I struggle to retrieve any memory. & what I think I remember I'm not sure I really remember.  so I count the little ones in the pictures who are dead now. & I think of us sitting in rows at our desks asking the questions that little ones ask. & wondering how many of us ever got the answers.


I don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day:

1) I no longer drink
2) I don't like cornd beef
3) more than one St. Pat's parade is less than welcoming to my tribe

however -- the outlaw in me likes to shake things up. 

& in the "going thru" phase of my downsizing I found this t-shirt & decided to wear it one last time   posting the proof today.

Shea-nanigan's was a restaurant & Irish pub near campus that I first went to in 1979. its heyday was the first half of the 1980s. it was popular with the theater crowd. & I certainly took my share of young actors & dancers there. but it was also a spot to take poets & those with whom I shared flagons & morsels were Tom Meyer & Jonathan Williams   Kenneth Irby   Jacob Leed   John Moritz.

this particular t-shirt became mine when I "borrowed" it from a hot bartender.