18 August 2014

still thinking

abt classmates who are dead. from high school at least 80 are gone.

17 August 2014

e-mail from a boyhood friend

"I remember your mom was the fastest walker in the city of Elyria." 

Kirk Nevins 

16 August 2014


today I learnd that a classmate from junior high & high school killd himself some years ago.

this is the football team from Eastern Heights.  he's one of the boys:

in high school he was in the band & actd in plays. altho we were friends we weren't particularly close. I did roam thru my old yearbooks & found us together in several group pictures.

he hasn't been in my thinking in years but tonite he has become central. 

14 August 2014

my littlest book

since 2001 this glorious project has been scattering poetry around the world. Poems-For-All is the brilliant work of Richard Hansen of San Diego.

today he sent me copies of Nijinsky's Underwear.  I'm completely thrilld to join all the splendid poets whose work Richard has been distributing.


watching live coverage of the police over reaction last nite brought back memories of that day on the Commons at Kent State.

so sad.

& after all these days since the murder of Michael Brown not one electd official -- city or state -- is showing any leadership.

13 August 2014

coming soon

here's a teaser for the forthcoming doc on Michael Alago:

& here I am with Michael at The Abbey:

& this is a poem I wrote for him last year:


smelling a chair
slipping on his jockstrap
tasting cake he made &
left in the freezer months ago

I try
to remember desire
but there is no fire

I pour a cup of tea
from a machine
that only makes singles

12 August 2014

feeling old

there was a time when I got scads of magazines in the mail. now it's down to abt 3.  this morning I was looking at one. it features inteviews with "stars" I've never heard of & ads for clothes I wdn't wear in a nitemare.